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Business Line Consulting Company is a leading global Saudi management consulting company that specializes in business and corporate consulting. We are looking to build a relationship of trust with our customers in all sectors and in various fields and countries to identify the best opportunities, clarify critical challenges, and assist our customers in choosing the best business activities according to the Saudi market and in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Vision 2030.

Our Vision

Providing advisory services and specialized legal administrative studies to provide knowledge and skills that lead to excellence in performance and create loyalty for the institution to meet the challenges and changes of the future by using the latest technologies and developing quality tools and standards in consulting and studies at the global level so as to provide scientific and practical solutions that companies need to develop their levels of performance to reach the highest levels of quality.

Our Message

Business Line Consulting Company is based on a strategic vision based on providing an appropriate environment that includes the development of thought in providing consultations, and we intend to achieve this through the application of systematic training policies and related procedures and the provision of value-added services for those looking for local and international development. The company includes a number of international offices With various activities that operate as one entity under the umbrella of Business Path Company in achieving the goals of our strategic development plan.

We achieve This Through

Developing a comprehensive approach to business consulting and establishing companies locally and regionally in its various segments and creating a distinguished human force capable of working according to a perspective of creativity and innovation to contribute to raising the efficiency of the individual and society by seeking the help of the best researchers in the region to carry out a detailed study of the requirements of financial, business and investment markets, etc. They need advisory bases and specialized studies commensurate with their needs and raise the individual’s job level and systems productivity.

The most important keys to our success and the secret of our quality and excellence in serving our customers in various sectors is our ability to manage the most important set of standards and business solutions on the widest scale.

We are distinguished by the presence of an integrated work team of experts and specialists in serving the customer, meeting all his needs, providing everything that is modern and serving the performance of the organization as a whole, and developing the performance of the individual. We communicate with our customers effectively and dynamically until we achieve all the requirements of the customer.

These elements of long-standing experience, high efficiency, and modern specialized curricula were designed with the finest scientific methods to achieve the consulting needs of various companies, individuals, and sectors, so that Khair Company will always be the real and effective partner for every specialist who is able to strive to achieve the highest levels of distinguished advisory service, in a way that guarantees the client to stand on the true picture of what is accepted before entering the labor market.

Our customers trust our services, which cover all government institutions and ministries, so we provide the best services and solutions for Saudi and foreign companies, due to our familiarity with the requirements of all ministries, our long experience in Saudi government dealings, and all updates and developments in Saudi laws and regulations.

Our Global Presence

Together with our independent and locally owned Member Firms, we provide clients with consulting and managed solutions in finance, technology, operations, data, analytics, governance, risk, and internal audit through our network.

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