Let us handle the complex dissolution of company procedure

Regrettably, not all businesses succeed to the level their owners might have once hoped. Dissolution can be caused in many ways, including the failure to file annual reports or pay certain taxes in the state of incorporation, bankruptcy, or voluntary dissolution by business owners.

We’ll complete all of the necessary documentation to dissolve your company and then send the documents to you to be signed by the company directors. Once returned, we shall file the documents on your behalf.

How our business dissolution filing service works ?

You provide some simple information, and we do the rest.

Why it's important

If your company is ceasing operations or is no longer in business, filing Articles of Dissolution legally ends your company’s existence in your state of incorporation.

Key Benefits

When a business is ceasing operations, the owners typically have a lot on their minds and additional steps to take. Let Business Line handle the process of ending your business, so you can concentrate on other requirements.

Keep in mind

There are other steps that should be taken as a company is ending operations, including filing necessary federal, state, and local tax forms and notifying creditors.

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